We could use your help in locating the following items from the 1940's and up. We are hoping for donations but may be open to purchasing if necessary.

Donors will be acknowledged through a plaque or note on the donated item.
  • School Books -  (Eg. Dick & Jane), Dictionaries, Atlas, Text Books, Notebooks, etc.
  • Old Lunch Pails and Thermos
  • Globes & Wall Maps
  • School Desks
  • School Bell
  • Wall Clock
  • Union Jack
  • Pictures of King George/Queen Elizabeth
  • Yard Stick, Rulers, Wall or Desk Mounted Pencil Sharpeners
  • Blackboard Erasers, Ink Bottles, Ink Pens
  • Calendars
  • Strap
  • Report Cards & Yearbooks
  • Class Pictures, Exterior or Interior Pictures of the School
  • And any other items related to school during that period

NOTE:- Any images, yearbooks, report cards, and similar items can be scanned and returned to their owners if preferred. We would only need the items for a short time in order to scan it.

Please contact Francis at 780-636-3363 or send us a message by clicking HERE.

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